When the Shine Suns - Book, CD and Download

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There we stood, with a dozen of puns in front of us. Sent by Bakkhos, the everlasting drunken god of fertility and madness. Determined to unravel what they mean we took one pencil in our hands, one behind our ears and one between our teeth.

Blending musicians, poets and actors we created BAKKHOS PUNS and with it our version of Spoken Jazz saw the day of light.

Hearing how explosive, multi-layered chamber music interconnects with sensitive, present-day texts gave us tremendous focus and inspiration. When having concerts the musicians suddenly became actors, the actors became poets and the poets became musicians.

When the sun shines, don't resist metaphor, Bakkhos stops sending us puns but until then we'll keep the ultimate goal to entertain and maybe even liquefy our dividing lines of reality.

Luke Kennard | Poet | England

Caspar Weimann | Actor/Concept | Germany

Lou Strenger | Actor | Germany

Diana Muela Mora | Flute | Spain

Alistair Payne | Trumpet | Scotland

Xavi Torres | Piano | Spain

Teis Semey | Guitar | Denmark

Johan Olsson | Saxophone/Composition | Sweden |

Brodie Jarvie | Kontrabass | Schottland

Guy Salamon | Schlagzeug | Israel

Daniel Hinojo | Actor | USA

Emina Messaoudi | Actor | Hungary

Anguas Rodriguez | Vibraphone | Spain

Claudia Walsh | Artwork | Germany

Hana Yoo | Graphics | Germany

For the last four years we worked on our first album called "When the Shine Suns", which is being released in Autumn 2020. This project got the Caspar-David-Friedrich-Foundation 2017 and Hmt-Interdiziplinär 2016. 

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When the Shine Suns - Book, CD and Download

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